New Life

Pray to God 

That's my source 

All aboard

Moving forward

- Joshva

Five Summers

I been out here trying to get it 

They  been out here trying to tell me different 

Old boy couldn't catch the vision 

Now he thinking that I'm acting different

- Joshva

Then Things Changed.

I don't even know what I should do

Lord knows I could use a few

and Lord know I don't even drink

I been out here trying not to sink

- Joshva

I've Met The Enemy.

Run, run from your past

Don't you look back

Don't you look back

- Joshva

I Stand Alone.

I lost some real dudes but never took it personal

Cuz what's a pawn if it doesn't play it's purpose though

You got to loose some to win some

And I done lost it all but my bills Clinton


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